Coaching with Amy opened my eyes to a new path I would never have considered. Her sessions were invaluable and helped me make sense of my interests and find an environment that I would be confident and eager in. I went having finished my degree feeling very lost and have come away with a goal that I am loving working towards.

– Rose, Suffolk


Before I saw Amy I lacked in confidence about my own skills and was unsure on where I wanted to start with my career after taking time out to go travelling post-university.  Amy was excellent at teasing out my strengths and interests to help me find a suitable career path. She helped me find clarity in my skills and we transformed my CV to reflect these. I feel much more confident in myself, so thank you Amy!

– Natasha, Essex
Amy helped me to figure out what is missing in my current job and how to identify future opportunities that will fulfil my career needs. By getting a better understanding of the types of job that fit me, I feel more confident of finding a job that is going to give me real satisfaction.
– M, Essex
As a recent graduate, I had little experience in interviews and I wasn’t 100% sure on the career path I wanted to go down, I decided to use Amy’s service to help me figure these things out. The sessions really helped with this, where I not only found what job I wanted (and landed) but to also nail my interview techniques. I got a job offer swiftly after a couple of sessions working with Amy so I couldn’t recommend this service enough!  I would still be slouching on the couch without it.

– Josh, Essex

Working with Amy was one of the best decisions of my life.  After a particularly nasty redundancy and a string of unsuccessful interviews, my confidence was at an all-time low, and I seriously doubted my ability to secure an offer for a role at a higher seniority level where I felt I should be given my skills and experience. Having received an invitation to interview for three very exciting roles, I felt I needed to get some help, as I had no confidence in my ability to convert these into offers.

Amy knew how to unlock my potential. Her emphatic approach to getting to know a person in a short period to understand their professional mentality is admirable. For me, Amy’s coaching style was incredibly helpful, and she enabled me to overcome anxiety and modify my behaviour during interviews. Her knowledge and expertise are outstanding, and her approach to interview preparation is thorough and structured to the point where we pre-empted majority of the questions I was asked at the interviews.

In the end, I have ended up with two fantastic job offers and an invitation to a 3rd interview for the third role.  I give huge credit to Amy who helped me to overcome anxiety issues and enabled me to gain control over my career.

– Anna, Essex

What I found most useful was the fact you were willing to listen to my frustrations about the job search without judgement, negative comments or cynicism. Instead, you worked with me to put together a plan where I would increase my chances of securing employment. This focused on two levels:

Improving my CV so it showed my strengths, experiences and skills.

Discussing my interview preparation technique, looking at interview feedback, being honest about what has gone wrong in interviews and what I needed to do to improve.

– Robert, Herts

I have had a few Thinking Environment®️ sessions with Amy and each time I have been totally stunned with the results. In my last call, I started the session feeling a bit panicked and overwhelmed with all that was on my “to do” list. Within about 20 minutes of the session starting I burst out laughing since I realised it was all just muddled thinking. Once I had the quiet and space to think it through, all the panic fell away and I realised there was so much less than I had thought. It basically came down to one thing that needed to be done and the rest just fell into place. One decision I had been mulling over prior to our session was made during the first 20 minutes easily and simply. You need to experience this to understand just how powerful it is. Totally recommended.

– Mary, Oxfordshire

Amy worked with me when I was at a cross roads in life and was unsure which work opportunities I should pursue.  I was stuck in a rut and unable to establish my priorities in order to feel fulfilled and content.  In creating a Thinking Environment®️with Amy, it was like the fog was lifting and unresolved issues that had been rattling around my head for a long time were finally put to bed once and for all.  The process was really empowering and Amy’s full attention and support really made the difference for me. Without hesitation I would highly recommend her and the Thinking Environment®️.

– Stephanie, Essex

All the work we’ve done has been invaluable – thank you so much for everything, I have a much clearer view of what to look for and how to approach it now.  I’m going to be more than happy to recommend you if any of my friends are in a similar situation!
– Hannah, Essex
Amy is simply fantastic at what she does. Through investigating and probing she helped me to realise what my abilities were, and how I could utilise those skills and strengths in the application process for jobs. Amy was brilliant at helping me restructure my CV so it was focused on my strengths and really showed me in the best light possible. I went from being very unsure of which direction to go in to feeling confident in my decisions and capabilities.  Definitely worth it if you’re lacking self confidence or just need help if you’re heading in a new direction!
– Georgina, Suffolk
Someone mentioned careers advice to me as I was at a cross roads in my life.  So I decided to look into it further and I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve done.  Amy is brilliant at making you feel better about yourself and you come out of each session with a positive outlook on your future.  Highly recommend.
– Sam, Essex
Thanks for all of your help and for all of the personal skills that you helped me to discover… I couldn’t have chosen a path to go down if it wasn’t for your help!
– James, London
I can’t thank you enough for the part you played in helping my son secure his apprenticeship.  Your name is regularly mentioned as we still wonder at how lucky he has been in getting this job and remember how desperate we all felt about his future this time last year.
– Sharon, Essex
For the first time in my life i have a clear career path which is such a big thing for me to say!! I really enjoyed looking at my own values and comparing them to my original ideas in order to narrow my options, finding an option that ticked most/all of boxes was a really good exercise.
– Emily, Oxford
When I turned up for my first career coaching session with Amy I didn’t know what to expect. I have had 4 sessions to date and have left each one with a clear sense of how I wanted my career as an artist to progress with clearly defined steps as to how to achieve them. In order to achieve the practical goals Amy went back over key stages of my life and together we explored and diminished the stumbling blocks that have been holding me back. We looked into the values I believe in and how that relates to my world of work and play. I now feel a real self-confidence that I would not have achieved without Amy’s incredible insights and genuine love of people and the world around her. Thank you Amy!
– Yasmine, Cambridge
Having felt unfulfilled at work for some time, I met with Amy to discuss my options. I came away with so much more: a deeper understanding of myself and what work I’d enjoy, clarity on how to make changes to my career and a massive dose of enthusiasm! Amy’s experience, ability to empathise and valuable advice made decision-making easy and transformed my CV into a useful job-hunting tool that I am proud of handing out.
– Guy, Essex
Finding myself at a career crossroads, I arranged a couple of sessions with Amy. It was my first experience of coaching, but I found the experience insightful, inspiring and extremely productive. It enabled me to immediately make a couple of key career decisions, and provided a clearer framework for me to use to develop my career moving forward. I only wish I’d been able to benefit from such an experience years ago. I’d strongly recommend a chat with Amy for anyone with any doubts around their career direction.
– Matt, Essex
I can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave Isabel. Way, way beyond what we thought was in store… She was really bolstered by your enthusiasm and pointers and is now set on a new path for an HR career.  
– Mrs S, Essex
Amy helped me decide what career path to follow by spending time with me, thinking through my strengths and together we re-evaluated my achievements with the companies I had worked with so far. By doing this, she helped to build my confidence which enabled me to perform better in interviews, along with helping me to create a stronger C.V. Without Amy’s help I would not have achieved my goal in gaining a career with a large high street brand.
– Lauren, Suffolk
Your advice was top-notch.  Without it I believe I would still be unemployed.  I found you very easy to talk to and it’s due to you that I have come out of my shell and progressed as a person.  You taught me to look deeper into certain aspects of life and for that I shall be forever grateful.  Thanks again.
– Adam, Essex