Interview success is 80% preparation and 20% delivery.

If you:

  • Truly understand your ‘brand’, who you are and what value you, as a person, will bring to an employer
  • Have worked out the messages you want the employer to hear
  • Have prepared evidence of your skills and successes and can describe them in a compelling and engaging way
  • Have practiced and honed your answers with a friendly but challenging audience
  • Feel calm and confident because you have truly prepared

Then you will have absolutely maximised your chances of success at interview.

Amy will work with you one to one to achieve all of the above, beginning with your personal brand and building step by step to produce an interview candidate who truly stands out from the crowd.

You can choose 1:1 interview coaching via Skype, telephone or face to face (Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, London).