“The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.” (Nancy Kline)

Amy is a practitioner of Nancy Kline’s THINKING ENVIRONMENT®️. Developed over 20 years through observation and research, this simple process enables you to think for yourself fully, deeply and independently, thereby improving the way you work and live.

The THINKING ENVIRONMENT®️ will enable you to clarify and resolve issues, set goals, stay true to your values and dreams, reduce stress, review successes and replenish time, energy and ease.

Whether you want to build stronger relationships, resolve a work/life conflict, raise your self-confidence or be more productive, the THINKING ENVIRONMENT®️ will dramatically improve your ability to think creatively, rigorously and with courage.

Read the testimonials of my clients who have benefitted from, and enjoyed, the THINKING ENVIRONMENT®️ experience.

To read more about Nancy Kline’s work visit The Ten Components of a Thinking Environment®️.

Recommended reading:  ‘Time To Think – Listening To Ignite The Human Mind’ by Nancy Kline.