When facing a graduate job market that is extremely competitive you need to stand out above all other candidates.

Amy will work with you, one to one, to:

  • Develop your personal ‘brand’ – establishing who you are and the value you will bring to the employer
  • Explain the tips, tricks and pitfalls of the milkround interview – what does the employer want to hear?
  • Help you to build a bank of compelling examples which demonstrate that you have the skills and personality that they are looking for
  • Practice, practice, practice with a challenging but supportive mock interviewer
  • Manage the body language, tone and tempo of voice, presentation
  • Build your confidence so that the interview feels like a conversation rather than an interrogation.

Your location for coaching is not an issue.  You can choose coaching via Skype, telephone or face to face (Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, London).